Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pita pockets, tabouleh, walnut fougasse

With a very rare and welcomed Friday afternoon off work, I attempted a walnut fougasse from the Bread Bible. Even though I had a supply of walnuts in the pantry, it nearly turned out to be a macadamia fougasse (if there is such a thing), because sourcing out walnut oil was my first challenge. I eventually found a tin of it at the local health store, but for $14.50 for 1/2 a litre, I was a bit hesitant in making the purchase. Ah, what the heck, it was imported from France...c'est la vie.
It was fun to make, but rather messy, having to kneed copious amounts of oil into the dough at various rising stages. My bench top was a mess but my hands felt great for the rest of the day.
I think I could have been more careful with it though, as it turned out a bit dense, but the flavour was magnificent. I'll have to have another go at it when I have more time, because we can't have that liquid gold going rancid on me.

Sunday night's dinner was simple (slow day after a big Saturday night). Pita pockets filled with sliced bbq'd rump steak and tabouleh. It amazes me the way the pockets form in the pita breads. They were so much nicer than the store bought ones that we have all been brought up on. Simple to make too. Both of these items will be on the menu again real soon.

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