Saturday, October 27, 2007

Toilet humour

I've often read many blogs that share their cookbook library with the world. I've thought of doing this, but I would need about 7 photos on the post to get them all in. I have them on shelves, in cupboards, in drawers, as well as copious food magazines that need to be reluctantly culled.

During the week, a replacement loo was installed whilst we are renovating our laundry and, yes, second "dunny". This water closet has always been referred to as The Library, even when I was a child. If we asked Mum where Dad was, most times the answer was "in the library", as there was always a newspaper tucked under the arm as he went in. One day he was so pressed for reading material, he took one of Mum's knitting patterns with him! We often joke about the knit one, pearl one escapade. Also, my husband and daughter have this genetic trait. Personally I could think of a million other, more pleasant places to sit and have a quiet read, but this appears to be a very difficult habit to break.

So when the plumber asked if I had some bricks or something heavy to level the pan, I immediately grabbed just two of my cookbooks, The Silver Spoon and Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion. Together they weigh the equivalent of at least a couple of bricks, perfectly accommodating the plumber's request. Improvisation at its best!


Lien said...

Don''t let them drop in!!!

Pam said...

Hi Lien, luckily the water wasn't connected at this stage. I'd even "dunny dive" to retrieve them if that happened.