Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holidays at last

Weather conditions are downright crappy at the moment. Freezing cold, wet and windy. So I'm heading north to a warmer climate tomorrow, for a much needed break from daily routines. Darwin is the destination, and at least I can seek a reprieve from the sub zero temperatures each morning, enjoying a sip by the pool, fresh tropical fruit, varied Asian cuisines, with a side trip to Singapore for a touch of shopping and more food delights. Herb crusted rack of lamb was the most adventurous dish prepared this weekend, apart from Vegemite on toast!!
For the crust, combine fresh herbs, bread crumbs, a couple of good dollops of grainy mustard and moisten with olive oil. Press onto lamb racks and roast at 200 C for 10 minutes, then turn oven down to 170 C until done. This was simply served with roast vegetable salad on a bed of rocket, with balsamic reduction dressing.

I'm off to pack. If anyone knows which horse is going to win the Darwin Cup, I'd be grateful for the tip.


Anonymous said...

The only comment that is necessary for this delicious looking winter meal is:

"hey Pam, Sweet Rack!"

Pam said...

Thanks anonymous, and we'll leave at that.

Natashya said...

Ha! My hubby made me a pot rack for the kitchen for mother's day and he is still making rack jokes. Must be the little boy in them.
Your dinner looks so elegant, I have never attempted a roast like this. Great job.