Sunday, July 08, 2007

Unseasonal Insalata Caprese

It's winter time. The time for casseroles, roasts and hot steamy soups. Why on earth would I crave a summer salad you may ask? The Black Russians made me do it. I picked these up at the local growers market last weekend, and was ensured by the vendor that they will be the best tomatoes I will ever eat. Whilst they don't compare with home grown tomatoes plucked straight from the vine, I can vouch that they are good. Even to find a decent tasting tomato in July is an added bonus. They don't contain acid, which is great for those who suffer from gout. They definitely are sweet, but with a salt and peppery kind of flavour.
The vendor told me about a prior customer, who had obviously just had a tiff with her husband. She asked the lady if she would like to try a Black Russian, and her response was "No thank you. I'm sick of men"!!

My all time flavour combo favourite is tomatoes, baby mozarella, basil and EVOO. I could eat my way through a barrel of Insalata Caprese. So this is my entry for Kalyn's Kitchen Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted this week by Chris from Mele Cotte.

No need to post a recipe. Just layer the tomatoes, mozzarella (I only had baby mozarella so I tore it into pieces) and poke torn basil in between. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Buono appetito.


Kalyn said...

What a beautiful looking salad. I agree, this is one of the best flavor combinations in the world. I haven't had this type of tomato; I'll have to look for them.

Haalo said...

I love these tomatoes but they were the hardest things to grow in the garden.

Kristen said...

Oh yummy!! This looks fantastic...almost like the sandwich I posted today but with bun and chicken.

Simona said...

A craving for Insalata caprese can arise any time of the year, so it is nice that you found a way of handling it out of season. Interesting-looking tomatoes you got.

Pam said...

Hi Kalyn, the Black Russian an heirloom tomato and I had never seen one or heard of them before for that matter either. I tried to get some more at the market this week, but they were sold out:(

Hi Haalo, I can imagine they would be difficult to grow, especially when we are under severe water restrictions here in Victoria. My ordinary tomatoes struggled this year, having to rely on giving them a teeny drink with my "grey" water from the washing machine, and collecting our shower water in buckets. Hopefully I can have a vege garden again this summer.

Kristen, your sandwich looks fabulous. Anything with tomato, mozarella and basil in it has to taste good.

Simona, you may have converted me with your brussel sprouts recipes. I grew up eating boiled soggy, tasteless cabbage every night, and it wasn't the best taste sensation I've ever had. I've also pointed my daughter to your web page, as last night she decided she was going to learn Italian. Your comment was very timely and hopefully tonight she can graduate from the Ciao's and bonjourno's that we had to endure last night.