Thursday, April 03, 2008

Peter's Ribs Greek Style

The best part about reading other people's blogs is the response I have when I see a recipe that I must try, do or die. It can either be from an eye catching photo that instantly instills growling hunger pains or from a special ingredient, be it either a clear favourite, or something completely unheard of, which tweaks my curiousity. This latter criteria was the case with Peter M's blog, Kalofagas, Pursuit of Delicious Foods. Peter is a passionate foodie, and a great ambassador of his Greek heritage, pumping out a recipe nearly every day on his entertaining blog.

Ground bay was the spice that started the tweaking, as I'd never seen it before or heard of it here in Australia. Peter vehemently insists that everyone get their hands on some ground bay at some stage in their lives. He promises that you won't be disappointed.

Well, I wasn't going to let a missing ingredient turn me off my pursuit. I had dried bay leaves in my spice drawer(s), and a coffee grinder in the cupboard, which I use wholly and solely for grinding spices. It's only a cheap grinder, and it took a few extra whizzes to get a fine powder-like consistency, but the aroma that came from the previously dead looking leaves was incredible, and I instantly knew that Peter had found a winner. I used approximately 6-7 dried bay leaves to obtain one teaspoon of powder.

Combine it with the other dried ingredients, and voila, the perfect Greek rub for baby ribs. I bet this would be good on lamb too, with the dried oregano in it. Peter served his dish with tzatziki as a dipping medium. Unfortunately, I'm the only tzatziki freak in this household, so roasted tomatoes and pan fried potatoes accompanied this wonderful dish. Efcharisto Peter for introducing such a wonderful flavour into our kitchen. Your rendition of Charcoal Chicken, Churrasco Chicken, is definitely next on my agenda. Yassou.


Peter M said...

Parakalo Pam (your welcome)! Thank you for trying the ribs, glad everyone enjoyed it and that you discovered a new ingredient...ground bay.

If you thought these ribs were good, wait 'til you try the Churrasco chicken....they are THAT good!

Pam said...

I will definitely try the chicken, Peter. It looked so delicious on Food Lovers Guide. Now that it has your seal of approval, it's on my "to do" list.