Thursday, April 03, 2008

Slashing and inuendos

Finally!!! I did a worthy slash! However, I'm cringing as I type, because "a slash" in the Australian male vernacular, especially from the yobbo 70's era, is to urinate, and surprisingly Wikipedia even acknowledges the phrase "have a slash", evolving from the Scottish word slash, meaning a large splash of liquid. I can associate with that, as often that's what is on the floor of my bathroom (don't get me started on men and family toilets). I always associated the phrase with visions of guys doing a Zorro type "Z" on the urinal wall, you know, like with the slash of a sword. That's just my warped imagination though. None of this has a thing to do with my slash however.

I'm talking bread. A rye sourdough from my rye starter, flavoured with caramelised onions and caraway seeds. The bread looked as if was cooked before I even put it in the oven!

My previous attempts at slashing have been a long way from acceptable, and I think because the dough was quite dense, this assisted in my result.

I love eating this bread with sliced radishes, or a bit of cream cheese. The flavour is sensational, even if it does take a few days to prepare it.

I adapted the recipe from Peter Reinhardt's New York Deli Rye recipe, using a barm from my sourdough starter, adding the onions to the barm and refrigerating overnight. With this loaf, I refrigerated the final dough overnight as well, not especially to achieve more flavour, I just didn't have time to bake it that day. Artisan bread dough can be very forgiving sometimes.

So to all the Aussie blokes out there, women can slash too!

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Mom to Many said...

I know you have worked really hard on the beautiful bread and then someone like me comes along and comments on the lame in the picture. :o) Your lame looks a bit like a chop stick. I had not thought of that. Hmmm. I use a razor blade with a rolled edge currently. Great idea. I have had no luck finding a beautiful lame handle to buy.